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 Micheal T.  04/01/2017 3:00 PM   Thought my computer was done for. Thanks for fixing it so   quickly and for a great price as well. We will us you again if needed.      

Pam 3/2/2017   5:16:09 PM  Steve thanks for coming out on such short notice. My Pc is   working fine. What a relieve to find an honest pc guy.    

 Mike 2/18/2017   11:17:14 PM   It has been some time since Steve has been to my home. As  always he has some great suggestions of what I need to increase my web site   listings.      


Returned to school. Completed Bachelors. Limited clients this year.


Arthur John 4/30/2015   6:43:20 PM  From the very beginning I felt he wasn't the typical technician. He let me tell him what was wrong with my unit before he sat down in front of the. His computer knowledge is second to none. Personally, he's that type of person that doesn't exist anymore, part of a dying breed. I hope I get to the point where I can call him a friend.not just a customer. Thanks Steve ...     

Ruth Smith 4/26/2015   11:33:44 PM     I see that others may misunderstand what I wrote   previously. What I was trying to state is you told me it would take a week to get my website up and running. You were able to do it in three days. You must have work day and night to accomplish this for me. In stead of looking at   closing my business. I am now looking forward to a long lasting one.     

Ruth Smith 4/26/2015   8:47:19 PM   Hey Steve, You told me my website will take a week. That   did not happen. You said my business would only get worst if I did not listen to your advise. Well that did not happen. Than you had my website up and running within three days and now I am busier than ever. You did a great job and I am happy that I took your advise. Everything is doing well. Thank you thank you. Will be in touch.    

 John 4/26/2015   2:35:58 PM (  I have been using Steve and PC on the Go for over 10 years. He is professional, patient and very successful in fixing all my computer issues. He is also affordable, honest and easy to get along with. I would recommend him to anyone who needs their computer fixed.     

Walt Darby 4/23/2015   2:59:25 AM  I have known Steve for several years. I have come to totally trust him with any PC problems that might pop up. Today he the only tech that I will allow to work on my PC. This man knows what he is doing! I would totally recommend him to anyone who might need a good PC tech!      

Mike Murphy 4/19/2015   4:20:02 AM  Hey Steve, Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the help on my computer. Even though I was from out of town, you returned my call right away and helped me correct the issues I was having. I will be contacting you soon about the website we also talked about. Sound like you are offering a great deal. 

Mike S 4/15/2015   4:17:00 AM  Hey Steve, Just wanted you to know the pc repair you did   is working great and the changes you made to my site has started to bring in more people. When I get some money i will give you a call to sign up for that seo thing.     

Sam 4/10/2015   11:27:35 AM  I haven't used this company before, but found it to be   inexpensive considering the amount of time spent by the tech. He was able to correct my issues and gave added advise of keeping things running well.     

 Pamela 4/9/2015   9:43:43 PM  I have been using Pc on the Go for years to fix my   computers. I recently have been interested in finding ways to increase my business website. Steve suggested SEO service. WOW. Now it seems people are fling to my website. It has been well worth the extra money. Thank you      


Computer error deleted posted comments.


Congdon 4/9/2013   8:05:38 PM Persistent, determined, intelligent and capable plus   honest and trustworthy.WOW!!!     

Sara 3/6/2013   4:56:46 PM Steve is fantastic! I am very technically challenged, and he has been very patient teaching me what I need to do . I know that when I call Steve with a problem, he will either talk to me over the phone to fix the problem or come out and fix it himself. I know that if I call him, he usually comes out the same day. He is so kind and patient, and I do not have   any desire to change my PC guy. Thanks a million for all your help!!!   

Norma Williams 2/21/2013   3:49:10 PM  Steve is always friendly, polite and arrives as soon as   possible He will answer all your questions and help you get more use out of   your computer. He is also efficient and fixes all my problems, I would always   call him to work on my computer.   

anonymous 1/27/2013   4:40:51 AM 5 of 5 stars Jan 16, 2013 by anonymous I called PC on the   Go over the weekend. I was unable to boot up into the desktop. Steve attempted to help me fix the issue over the phone, at no charge. This did not work, than he suggested to bring in the pc for him to look at the situation for free and mentioned if it was going to be a quick fix he would not charge me. I did bring the computer in and Steve worked on it for and determined a virus has damaged to many files and he had to reload the program. He gave me   two choices and send the most expensive would be the best due to a virus, but   he would try the inexpensive measures first. After several hours Steve called   me the computer was fix and at the least expensive price. It is working   great. Thanks Steve.   

Steve Hayberry 1/5/2013   4:51:27 PM  Hey Steve, remember me. It has been a pleasure doing   business with you. I wish you well in life. You have been a great help over   the years. Always giving good advice. I have taken your advise on the many   things you have told me some dealing with computers and some dealing with our   conversations and I have found it to be very profitable and have saved me   many a great deal. Thanks  

John 1/5/2013   4:43:36 PM I have been doing business with PC on the Go for many   years. Have always received more service than expected. What can I say about   Steve he goes beyond what is needed in order to fix my problems and is there to answer questions anytime by phone. He has done many things for me from   networking, fixing desktop, laptop.     

Russal 1/3/2013   5:51:05 PM  I have called Steve many times to work on my computer. He has always fixed the issue with in a short period of time. I called him recently to help me get a new laptop and wireless printer. He encouraged me to look around on the internet and that he would do the same. Than he came to my house and we went over the results. After which Steve went to the local stores to verify the prices. He returned and we decided on my products. Steve than went and purchased what I wanted. He returned and installed and transfer my old data. I am so grateful that this gentleman is there to help and that he is not over priced. I recommend that you give him a call if you need help.      

Evonne Downing 1/3/2013   5:41:02 PM  I have someone that works on your computer that knows what   he is doing!!! Thank you Steve       


Debbi 12/31/2012   2:32:40 PM Steve is the GoToGuy for computers. He will take his time and walk you through issues and get you back up and running and not charge a thing! Yet, you might be on the phone for a couple of hours. He saves you money using HIS time and skills. There is NOT much of that going around any   longer, And he never gives up. He doesn't throw computers out in the street or put sledge hammers through your monitor. He just sticks with it with the patience of Job until everything is running smoothly. We will always turn to   Steve for our computer issues. Thanks, Steve!    

Mr. Tim Trotter 12/31/2012   1:48:30 AM I have search for a company in which I can trust to work on my computers for a long time and now it seems I have found them. Steve called me days ago to check on the previous work he did for me. He is always   seems to have the answers I need. thanks for the network help.  

Peter 12/31/2012   1:34:55 PM It seems every time I have an issue with my PC. That Steve is there for me. He is always putting in extra time to help me. I know that things are tough for everyone and Steve seems to sacrifice his time and does not earn the money he should or is unwilling to charge for all his time.  Thanks for the service. I do not know how you are able to take care of your bills for amount of money you seem to charge for all the work you do, but I am grateful for what you do.  

John 12/29/2012   2:30:25 PM  Steve worked on my website and was able to increase my exposure. It is great to start getting business again. I look forward to new improvements. 

David 12/28/2012   11:21:08 PM Hey Steve, Thank you for helping me over the phone to fix my laptop. I will give you a call if there is a issue I can fix.     

Sam 12/27/2012   2:34:12 PM I contacted this company needing help in order to get my   website noticed on the internet. I just did not get the responses I was   hoping for. Steve explained many things to me when I called him. What did not expect was how honest he was in his answers. I decided on asking for his help. Fortunately the seo Steve made to my site started getting results right away and since he started there has been continues updates and changes to my site. He is always working on it. He goes beyond and above what I ask for.  

Tom 12/27/2012   2:26:48 PM  I call Steve on a regular bases asking for help and recommendation on new computer items I am interested in. He seems to always be available to help and give great advise. I wish him well with his   business. He is a good guy tell your friends and if you have a website or face book make a link to his site.      

Chris 12/25/2012   5:23:38 PM  I called Pc on the go realizing that Christmas holiday was approaching. My laptop went down and would not reboot. After talking with Steve he attempted to help me over over the phone and within minutes discovered the problem and recommended several options in fixing it. I choice to allow him to come to my house vs fixing it myself which he offered to take   me through the steps. Being so close to the holiday i did not expect the service and having it completed within the day due to the amount of time I new it would have to take. Thanks Steve for such a great job.     

Randy 12/17/2012   12:40:47 AM  Steve just wanted to let you know how helpful you have been over the years. If it was not for you I would have had to buy a new computer every year. I thought my data was lost because my pc stopped working. It only took you a few minutes to fix my problem. Thanks     

flasnow48 12/15/2012   10:17:31 PM I would recommend him to anyone who needs an honest computer guy. Over the last 4 years, I have purchased a desktop computer and a used laptop from Steve, & I have been very happy with everything from the very start. If I have a question, I call him and he answers his phone. Just today he help me clear up a virus & he walked me through it over the phone. This guy is GOOD! 5 of 5 stars May 21, 2011      

Guest98330 12/15/2012   10:16:12 In today economy this is the best place to have your pc repaired. He is very knowledgeable and fair. If he cannot fix it he will tell you just that even after spending hours on it. This is the second time using his services and I was very satisfied. 5 of 5 stars May 17, 2012     

Guest91023 12/15/2012   10:05:31 PM Steve was very courteous and knows his stuff. I would definitely use his services again. - Bill 5 of 5 stars Apr 18, 2012    

 jdutczak 12/15/2012   10:04:04 PM  Once my computer was expertly repaired by Steve, my husband has a casino machine and asked Steve to look at it and guess what? Steve fixed it also. I will always call him for any computer repair and now even my Husbands' machine. He is very honest, reasonable, and does great   work.  5 stars Mar 16, 2012   

Steve 12/15/2012   9:43:28 PM (Business Reply to Guest21241 by Steve, Everyone needs to understand that no all computer repairs can be done within and hours. It may take several hours to repair. this is why we give several recommendation before actually doing the repairs. In order for the client to make the best choice for them.     

Guest21241 12/15/2012   9:39:03 PM I do not recommend companies normally. However, When my   computer died Gateway was no help or other companies. I found PC on the Go   and my computer was fixed up and running with even a complete overhaul which   I didn't expect within one hours time. The price was excellent. Then timing   was great. I will always call Steve and refer others.   

Steve 12/15/2012   9:36:47 PM  Business Reply to Guest95666 by Steve, Thx for the reply. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I believe I can fix all problems   related to a computer. However, There may be parts or a great deal of time involved. If a client is unwilling to pay for the svc. Then yes, I will be unable to fix it. I will always give u the best price and will beat anyone   else's price for the same quality of svc. Everyone needs to remember for   someone to stay in business and provide u with great svc. They need to be   able to pay their bills as well. Have a great day.    

Guest95666 12/15/2012   9:32:39 PM Steve does great work. He gets right to the root of the problem and repairs it and if he cannot fix it he will not charge you. He was just an all around great guy I'm very please with my services and I would recommend him to anyone. 5 of 5 stars Feb 27, 2011  

Steve 12/15/2012   9:30:52 PM  Business Reply to Guest17050 by Steve, People need to   understand at times a Tech. may have to put in far more work in order to   correct a problem. Sometimes they do not receive payment for there work. This   is due to the fact it would not be financially beneficial for the client. At   times we will lose work, in order to help people. We hope they remember us   for future work.    

Guest17050 12/15/2012   9:25:44 PM  Steve has worked on my computer, and he has done an   excellent job. He is great at responding to my phone calls immediately, directing me through computer problems via the phone, and coming out and working   on my computer within a day.He is extremely accommodating. With all the time   and work he puts in, he is really inexpensive for all he does. I would highly   recommend him to anyone that has problems with their computer. 5 of 5 stars   Feb 23, 2011   

janelle_lovell 12/15/2012   9:23:53 PM  Business Reply to Janelle_Lovell by Steve We always first   try to help others over the phone. We do not ask to be paid. Sometimes it   works and sometimes it don't. We strive in looking out for our friends. You   can never have to many.    

janelle_lovell 12/15/2012   9:21:40 PM  I had been fighting a bad virus for about two weeks and   finally broke down to call and get some quotes. I called Steve, and he walked   me through getting into my safe mode and directed me to download an antivirus   program that he uses. It was great, it cleared my system right up and got be back to being able to use my computer. Thank you Steve, you have been a   lifesaver. I highly recommend that people call and talk to Steve.Feb 20, 2011    

Steve 12/15/2012   9:19:32 PM  Business Reply to this Guest95970 by Steve We are always   ready to help our friends.    

Guest95970 12/15/2012   9:18:02 PM  On time, cat lover, dog friend, did a good job, We have   used him before and will again.Feb 15, 2011    

Guest72840 12/15/2012   9:16:14 PM I called Steve on a Sunday and he assisted me with a nasty   virus on our PC that was locking my PC up from doing any processing. Steve   was very patient and walked me through the necessary steps to download the   write software to correct the problem. He shows not only knowledge but great   professionalism. Keep up the good work. Feb 13, 2011     Steve 12/15/2012   9:12:37 PM  Business Reply to this Review by Steve Thx, I look out for my friends, I consider my clients to by a friend and do what I can. One needs   to also remember in order to stay in business. You have to survive in   business. This can only be done. If you are paid for your svc. With gas   prices today. U can't get to the job if u have no gas.   

Guest47625 12/15/2012   9:06:22 PM I called Steve for a laptop screen replacement. When he finished it was as good as factory or maybe even a little better. Steve has   completed several other computer repairs for me and his quality, service and   honesty has been as good or better than one hopes for. He asked me to write   this, but this is my opinion. He's a good guy. Jan 25, 2011    

Guest83870 12/15/2012   9:04:44 PM  They are great. They called an hour before coming.   Answered all my question, gave me money saving ideas, Went the extra mile.   Did not charge for it. Resolved my issues. They even gave me free antivirus programs. I would high recommend their service.  

Steve 12/15/2012 9:03:27 PM  Business Reply to this Review by Steve Thax for the response. One thing you need to understand about our Company is we are here   to help. You do not need to be in the area to ask for help. Whether you are   in Indiana or England if you call we will respond. Call or email anytime you   may have an issue or question. We will give you a helpful answer over the   phone. No charge applied.     

Guest09381 12/15/2012   9:02:23 PM  I'm from Indiana and was visiting in Orlando when my computer wasn't working properly. I called PC on the go and talked with Steve about my problem. I was really in a big mess since I needed my computer to do   my business on line. For some reason I couldn't connect to the internet and   he resolved the problem immediately. I really appreciated his help and would   highly recommend his company anytime I'm in the area if I have any future   problems. Thank you so much Steve and God bless. Jan 8, 2011 

Tom Keene 12/15/2012   8:57:49 PM  Steve worked on my computer and it need a major re-due. However, Steve replacement my pc for less than the repair and with a better computer. I am very happy with the computer I have now.  

Guest64509 12/15/2012 8:40:02 PM  Have been dealing with this company for five years. They are great. Steve goes above and beyond the call of duty. If he don't know it. He will find the answer for you. Jan 4, 2011