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Before You Pitch It, Let Us Fix It!!!

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  • Repairs within 24 Hours 

We will meet or Beat any written estimate!!! Call Now!!! 



Option 1: Spend $60+ for an off the shelf anti-virus/spyware program and hope it fixes the problem.

Option 2: Pack up your computer and bring it to a computer repair shop where it takes DAYS to fix.

Option 3: Call Pc on the Go and have them come to YOU!!! Act Now!!!



In  today's market, one of the best and inexpensive ways to advertise is on  the net. Pc on the Go is here to help you in designing a website for  your business. Our designing process is free to you at this time. A  website can take 40 to 60 hours per page on an average to design  depending on the details.

Contact us today. There are a few things you will need to know. Click on the Free Web Site tap above and get more information.

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Questions ???


Many times clients will call asking a  quick fix question, we are happy to help with no charge. We will ask you several questions that will help us in determining the best course of action.

  Please drop us a line by sending us a request or call.  We then will send you  updated information that will help you with Virus Removal, Computer  Repairs, Tune-Up procedures and great money saving ideas. We will also  inform you when there may be virus attacking and ways to prevent getting them. Next contact your friends sending them an e-mail about our Website. Just copy and paste our e-mail address and send it to them.  Finally, if you have a Website or need us to create one for you. Place our web site link on your website page. If you have a business website  or a Blog site provide us with it and we will add it to our website. By  helping each other we can both increase our client base exposure.

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